Our Qualifications

Tom has been in the financial services arena since 1989.  He holds many licenses and accreditations through different reglatory bodies.

He is also accredited through the Veteran's Administration as an Accredited Claims Agent. Tom is one of very few in the United States who has passed the testing and vetting pcocess to receive this status. He works as an advocate to help wartime veterans and their widows obtain well deserved benefits they have earned.

Another unique area of knowledge is in the arena of Federal and Public Service Employees. He has taken the time to become acquainted with the myriad of benefits available for this group including: Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS), Voluntary Contribution Program (VCP), Thrift Savings Program (TSP), Federal Employee Group Life insurance Program (FEGLI), Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) and group Long Term Care. (Again, you will find Tom's insight to these programs down-to-earth and helpful.)

Lastly, don't forget about the State of Pennsylvania's employees!  Tom has worked many years helping those working and looking to retire through the Pennsylvania School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) and Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System (SERS) maximize those rules to their favor by helping understand their 403B/TSA as well as the pension choices.

One of the benefits of working with us is our ability to provide clear, easily understood explanations of financial products and services. The personalized program that we can provide is a roadmap to working toward a more secure financial future.

One of the things Tom tells his client is that you get to deal with him and him alone (you will not be delegated to someone else). So the good news is you have Tom, and yes, he returns phone calls.

One interesting aspect of dealing with Tom is his building of a strong network of other professionals throughout the United States, working together to bring you additional knowledge and expertise.

If you let him, Tom can use his experience, expertise and insight to help you pursue your financial goals.

We encourage you to do your "homework" regarding any advisor before asking them for assistance. Use this hyperlink to go to FINRA's Brokercheck website to see the length of experience, licenses held, as well as if there has been any regalatory actions or complaints against that professional. As FINRA says, "There's no reason not to check".  FINRA BrokerCheck